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100% Hand Made

As a lifelong musician, crafter, tinkerer, I have always had projects of one kind or another strewn about my house. Having run out of ideas for Christmas Presents, my sister suggested that I maybe could try making some simple bracelets. Sounded good to me, so I went to Hobby Lobby, bought a book and some supplies, and made 13 little bracelets for my Bell Choir. Well....I was HOOKED!! Maybe obsessed would be a better word. And, I have never looked back.! I would probably stay at my workbench all day long if my cat, Kiki, wouldn't remind me that she needed food, or water, or demand my attention in any number of ways. I work primarily in copper and enjoy experimenting with new media. I find a great deal of inspiration in nature, but my jewelry is born out of a discovery process. I start with my raw materials and hammer, texture, form, solder, and etch until each unique piece comes to life. Everything I make is lovingly crafted by my own hand, and is guaranteed for life. (Yours or mine....whichever comes first! :-} )
Production Methods
I have a love affair with copper. It is warm and feels alive in my hands. I use copper sheet, copper clay,and copper wire to make my jewelry, as well as gorgeous stones. I sculpt, texturize, hammer, form, and etch the copper to create my jewelry.

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